I am

Hi assalammualikum ! Hi peeps! How are you lets talk about me :) About myself ?! Girl? Pretty? No. Always laugh. Sometimes annoying. Crazy. Open minded. Lies(what should). Cute (sometimes). Sweet i dont have lover. I love pet. Friendly. Talk more. Funny. Sometimes I'll be devil if I felt broken. Sometimes cruel with someone I felt annoyying especialy boy except girl :). I always berate boy when they make me felt annoying. I hate boy, i felt want to throw them into rubbish, cruel!? Yes I am. 

Friends?! I always have my girls who very gorgeous?! Cute!? Loving!? Caring!?. Yeahhhh that my closed friend at school, we always gossip at school. We always care about our friends who got problems. :) I felt lonley when I back from school I be a quiet girl. I just speak what I want. And always imprison myself in my room. Yeahhh sometimes i felt bored i dont have a close friend when I back from my home!? No text/message from someone I love either lover or closed friend. Most I like close friend. Which s/he understood bout me, know who I am, what I am, what I love, most I like, what I have, care me, know all my problems and s/he always by my side. Its to my lover!? MYBE! I also know about s/he when we hangging we look very closed friend. Maigwaddd sometims i cry because Im stuck in this! Arghhhhhhhhhh sick!

Siblings?! Yeahhh at my home I only have mom, dad and my caring brothers(Apz and Din). Where my sis?! Okay she with her family I mean her husband and her son. Sometimes I felt bored at my home I dont what to do with my brothers, Sometimes we hang out , watch movie, wrestling, fight, angry, and I cry lololololololo sho sweeett. And our parents ignore we because they know, we always looks like ''Tom and Jerry'' at home.That also mean we love each others and I miss my sis, I want to share with her about girls ehemmmm ehemmmm , gossip-2, hang together, same shirts. Omgggggggg has long I dreams it but no. Because my sis have her own family, sho sad. So I just only my annoying brothers even they busy with their works but they have time to spend with me. Thanks guys always by my side.
*At Maklong house Kg Baru Expo*

Hijab and fashion girl. What I wear that facts about me, yeahhh I love fashion!? Anything fashion most I love "weird fashion". It look rare when you are the first person or only you wear this "weird fashion". Ehhhh sometimes I felt shy if someone bash me anything about my how to dress?! Whoopssss I know I always wear a simple dress. I'm afraid if someone said ''Weh nak g mana?! Taiping je pun" LOL hahahahhahahah k. Okay what I wear that fact about me. I dont mind a branded dress?! Not branded shirts? I dont mind :) Hijab yeahhhh I love when wearing hijab or tudung bawal. Girls nowdays more wearing hijab then tudung bawal. But tradisional tudung bawal I'm still wear. Because I love tudung bawal and my pashmina :)